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In BARBETS: The Best Kept Secret of the Dog World, Pam Headon draws on her extensive breeding experience to shine a spotlight on this canine gem.

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Portuguese Water Dogs

The Portuguese Waterdog is one of the oldest recognized breeds of dog and is the predecessor of many other dogs throughout North America. For over two thousand years the Portuguese Waterdog would work alongside Portuguese fishermen climbing ropes, delivering messages from boat to boat, and keeping the fish in the nets.

Their webbed feet and thick coat made their fishing adventures efficient and warm. Hard work and long days for the fishermen required abundant energy and stamina for the PWD.

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Barbet (French Water Dogs)

The Barbet is also known as the French Waterdog. They are a rare ancient French breed that has only recently become recognized by The Canadian Kennel Club. They are a sporting soft-mouthed retriever who, in the early days of the breed was used for flushing game alongside hunters. 

The calm demeanour of the Barbet makes them a lovely companion. Their personality tends to be quite laid back and easy-going.

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Portuguese Waterdogs and Barbet (French Waterdogs)

My name is Pamela Headon and I have been breeding great dogs since 1999. My family fell in love with our first Portuguese Waterdog back in 1997 and have since filled our home and lives with their personality and character.

As a mother, I have discovered the importance to focus on breeding dogs not only to meet breed standard, but on the temperament, health, and socialization of each and every one of my dogs.  All of my puppies go through the Volhart puppy temperament tests to be sure that each puppy and family is matched perfectly. The perfect pairing of dog to family is my greatest pride in this experience.

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